Among the conference topics:

  1. The effects of trauma on resilience in social environments
  2. Physiological effects on trauma 
  3. Effects of trauma on brain
  4. Effects of stress and trauma on the family
  5. Effects of cognitive stress on resilience and mental wellness
  6. Effects of uncertainty on anxiety, resilience, health and mental wellness
  7. Effects of personal medical history on resilience
  8. Shift from Internal to External Locus of Control due to Threat: Societal learned helplessness
  9. Mental wellness as a force for building resilience
  10. Parenting effects on resilience and mental wellness
  11. The arc of stress and trauma
  12. Resilience Training to Enhance Mental Wellness in Children  
  13. Marriage and family effects on resilience
  14. Effects of “Burnout” at work: Resilience training for mental wellness
  15. Resilience as a tool for success
  16. Conflicting resilience: Two personalities in conflict 
  17. Resilience to internal conflicts
  18. Brain structure, neuroplasticity and resilience
  19. Resilience in disaster preparedness, treatment and management
  20. Grief / Depression / Anxiety/Stress/PTSD.
  21. Multi-Model intervention for Development of Resilience.
  22. Fostering Resilience in Special Needs Populations
  23.  Resilience in navigating a VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity).

Suggested Symposia:

A) Role of Faith in the Acquisition of Resilience

B) Resonance Therapeutics in Conjunction with Positive Psychology for Resilience and Wellbeing

C) Using MindfulChoice & EVOKE Icons in the Classroom to Teach Resilience

D) Business Start-up Resilience