1. Initial Reactions to Global Threat

2. Individual and his Social Environment

3. Changes in the Individual, Family, and Community Dynamics in the Era of COVID

4. Turmoil in individual’s relations with government and authority affecting mental wellness

5. Increased Uncertainty and Greater Anxiety in Decision-making

6. Shift from Internal to External Locus of Control due to global Threat: a case of societal learned helplessness

7. COVID as an Adaptation Agent: Personal, Communal, and Organizational

8. Life Coaches and Therapists as Positive Change Agents

9. Non-specific Effects of the COVID Pandemic on Mental Wellness

10. What Happens Next: Potential Consequences in Mental Wellness yet to come?

11. The Arc of Stress Unique to a Global Pandemic

12. Changes in Education in a Post COVID World

13. New Workplace Paradigms Post COVID: What to Keep and What to Drop

14. The Impact of Social Media and News Media on Mental Wellness During COVID and Thereafter

15. Anticipating the Next Global Crisis for Mental Wellness:

16. Preparedness, Early Detection, Remediation and Recovery
17. Frontline Workers Preparedness, Public Awarness, and Resilience Training
18. Awareness Check-up of Aggravating Factors Compromising Mental Wellness for Emergency Personnel

19. The role of Information, disinformation and fake news

20. The role of Technology and Cloud Communication