We are honored to invite you to the International Conference on, “Mental Wellness: Assessments and Interventions”. 

Mental Wellness is a complex dance between the human body, brain, and lifestyle that is required to effectively manage a wide range of emotions. The conference is concerned with the management of this complex dance. There exist many methods and interventions some with scientific support and others not. The conference will attempt to make sense of the various approaches to restore Mental Wellness. In addition, the conference will provide and discuss new tools and technologies, from the laboratory and the world of High-Tech, that have been shown to support improvements in Mental Wellness. Topics also include: Resilience; Burnout; Disaster Management; Mind-Focused Coaching; Grief Management; PTSD; Depression, assessment and treatment, and many other relevant topics. Obviously besides the physical and cognitive interventions, we will dedicate sessions to new approaches to the assessment of Mental Wellness as it is vital for understanding the best approach for effective evaluation of coping mechanisms.

If you wish to present at the conference from your research or professional experience, we are waiting to hear from you and receive your abstracts for presentations, workshops, and symposia. The details for submission may be found on this website under the tab “Abstracts”. We hope that at the end of this conference we will have a better understanding of the scientifically supported methods of how to assess and support Mental Wellness. We will leave the conference with a better ability to use methods to achieve Mental Wellness, to acquire more useful techniques and more varied systems to treat patients, and to promote and improve the working and educational environments in our communities.  We want to express our gratitude to the Department of Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University’s School of Medicine for its contribution to the scientific programming of the conference (recognized for CME credits).  The conference will be hosted on the campus of Tel-Aviv University.

Prof. Dr. Bruria Adini

Head of the Department of Emergency Managment and Disaster Medicine in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Dr. Gerry Leisman

Movement and Cognition Laboratory, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Haifa and Department of restorative Neurology, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana, Cuba.

 The three-day conference will take place at the University of Tel-Aviv and will consist of lectures, symposia, poster presentations and workshops.

The conference is open to all and includes among others: 

Scientists and researchers,
Allied healthcare professionals,
Psychiatric social workers,
Mental-wellness practitioners,
First responders,
Resilience officers,
Human resource and organizational professionals,
Occupational safety and health specialists,
Clinicians, practitioners, life coachers and trainers