The function of the conference is to bring together numerous practitioners of disciplines that are frontline providers of services for those individuals requiring support to sustain mental wellness during times of crisis. Policymakers and government decision-makers, as well as clinicians, educators, and researchers, are invited to attend and share their experiences and findings, and develop strategies to best facilitate resilience and coping strategies – behavioral, cognitive, and physical – to best impact on recovery and optimization during times of crisis and stress.

The conference is being sponsored by the:

University of Tel-Aviv, a world-renowned institution and Israel’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning, with over 30,000 students studying across nine faculties, 29 schools and 98 departments.

The Mental Wellness Society-International
Whose mission is to identify, promote, and advance the acquisition of concepts and knowledge that can equip individuals with the means to achieve wellness in the psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal and physical areas of their lives.